Find the best tool for a collaborative projects

  • Share information inside and outside the project
  • Manage your portfolio of innovative projets
  • Follow research and innovation processes
  • Decentralise quality assurance
  • Measure your innovation
  • Comply with GDPR regulations

Track & Reports

A new way to monitor and manage your activities, the time spent, costs and purchases related to each project. A considerable time saver for reportings.

Share all project data in real-time to make the invisible visible and facilitate steering and decision-making


Collaborate with partners

A True Digital Workplace for collaborative projects, independent of stakeholders’ information systems, offering a neutral infrastructure to the project.

Fluidity and simplicity are essential components of good collaboration, the interfaces are simple and easy to pick up, and users only see the elements they need to access.


Engage our communauty

A single platform accessible to all to communicate, source, evaluate, share information with your community and build partnerships.

Boost the engagement of your community, include them to achieve your objectives. Benefit from collective intelligence to engage in sustainable and inclusive partnerships.


Why choose FLEXX

  • We support you to deploy and customize quickly according to the needs and expectations of your users
  • We guarantee an robust infrastructure adapts to the constraints of demanding CIOs and its simple UX for a rapid adoption
  • You centralize all data on scalable and proven platform and access with one login for all your projects
  • You join a community of 400 organisations and more than 2500 active users from across Europe

FLEXX's Features

Time & Cost tracking

A key element in project management, it allows you to anticipate and act rather than to react. Simple to configure and use, it avoids and detects errors.

Project dashboard

Centralise your project portfolio and track costs, progress, identify gaps.
Keep an unalterable trace during control checks or audits.


Communicate on the results of your projects, make a final document available on the public website of the project with just one click. Get statistics on the number of views and downloads.

Share with control

Group all the documents related to a project in one place and manage access rights easily. Group management makes it easy to add and remove users during the project.

Follow up

Ensure a timely delivery of project results. Automatic reminders to authors and approvers allow you to respect the deadlines in each step. A dashboard allows you to see the progress in real time.


Open discussion channels on specific topics and let the crowd enrich, react or evaluate them. Set up access rights and possible interactions in just a few clicks.

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